Richard “Dick” Groves is retired from a thirty-eight-year career in Navy and private practice dentistry.

A lifelong football fan, his debut novel combines his love of the sport and his passion for writing crime suspense and mystery. THE HIDDEN GAME explores an ongoing controversy with the sport and how one man must decide how much he is willing to risk and how this will change him.

Dick is a member of the New Hampshire Writer’s Project and critique group as well as the New England Crime Bake. He is currently working on a follow up novel and enjoys writing short stories and flash fiction.

A graduate of Northeastern University and the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry, he served six years in the Navy Dental Corps with two years on Guam. In retirement he has participated in two humanitarian missions to the Far East and Pacific on board the hospital ship USNS Mercy and the USS Pearl Harbor, and two “Missions of Mercy” to Appalachia, helping to provide much needed dental treatment to these areas.

Born and raised in Arlington, Massachusetts, the author resides in Merrimack, New Hampshire with his wife Ferol and their two rescue dogs, Lily and Lucy. He finds quiet inspiration for his writing in the tranquility of Waterville Valley in the White Mountains.

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THE HIDDEN GAME is an intriguing, suspenseful sports crime novel which asks the question: What if professional football is not just a game but a massive reality show, carefully orchestrated for maximum controversy, ratings and profit?

Tony Stravnicki is an old school, life is black and white, assistant coach who lives for the game, often to the detriment of his family. After a difficult loss, he is fed up and suspicious about the number of controversial calls against his players which change the outcomes of games. Is it his coaching, bad luck or something else? He intends to find out whether “We’re being played”.