After years of writing and presenting factual, bland scientific papers, reports and handouts as a major part of my dental career, I slowly began writing fiction and taking writing courses. What an incredible world this opened for me!

I like to write about fictional “what if” situations based on contemporary issues and see how characters respond to the challenges I provide them. What will they risk? How will this change them?

As a lifelong fan of football at all levels, I first began writing fictional stories involving some of the intense rivalries between super star players and their franchises versus those of a leading rival. As the relevancy of this topic faded, a new one appeared which continues to this day: the ongoing, seemingly endless, controversial penalty calls which often change game outcomes and league standings. From this topic, the vision of “THE HIDDEN GAME” was born. While the setting is the sport of football, it is not simply another sports story, but one where a man’s values and core beliefs are challenged, and he must decide what is most important to him.